P&P Projects is able to serve as a design partner and can step in with all phases of the project, ranging from Blue-sky design thinking (the activity of trying to find completely new ideas), to Technical Design and finally the eventual Build. We work with renowned and cutting-edge design software such as; Maya, Adobe Suite’s Photoshop & Illustrator, Zbrush, 3DS Max, Inventor, Unreal and Solidworks. P&P’s founder and CEO, Philipp van Stratum, is one of our Creative Directors and the company is also home to 2D & 3D Designers, Storytellers, Art Directors, Technical Engineers & Structural Engineers.

What makes P&P Projects different is our ability to always keep the construction and installation of the experience in mind while designing. This knowledge and vast involvement in producing themed experiences is what distinguishes P&P as a partner. We strive to design only what can be built and ultimately can be experienced by guests.


Everything starts with a story! P&P Projects is able to assist their clients in blue-sky thinking and said clients are always welcome to provide a preferred theme or storyline. P&P Projects can then develop a thematic base and story, written tailor-made to the target audience and our clients’ wishes. The main outline is then elaborated into a beginning narrative concept, serving as the foundation for the entire experience. Once approved by the client, P&P Projects can determine the experience definition and the required methodology.

Our services in this field include:


Carefully planning the intended experience for the guests is a work of art and asks for intricate thinking in possibilities. This phase encompasses the confirmation of aspects, such as ride systems, facilities, environmental design and other possible wishes from the client including business goals to creative directions. All decisions in this phase will be based on the desired capacity, target group and narrative of the experience. In this process, P&P Projects is always keen on coordinating and collaborating with parties such as ride manufacturers and facility executives to elevate the design to a higher level.


A more detailed storyline will be provided by P&P Projects that showcases the general views and impressions of an experience. After this, the creative teams will look further into the detailing and going large to small with themed areas, rides and scenes. Starting with mood boards and napkin sketches we develop these further into detailed narratives, concept arts, character designs and 3D massing models. P&P distinguishes itself by always starting with a 3D model using software such as Maya, 3DS Max, Sketch-Up and Unreal Engine, making sure that the creative intention always matches the reality.

Our services in this field include:


Within this phase, the final shape and aesthetics of the experiences are developed. The mood boards and napkin sketches which were developed into Concept Arts and 3D massing models in Concept Design, will be developed even further to show the creative intent of the exterior and interior of the experience. This results in detailed 2D colored elevations, wall-by-walls, sections, plan views and reflective ceiling plans. A much more detailed 3D model showing color and textures is then developed and shared with either high quality renders or real-time walkthroughs on screen or in Virtual Reality (VR)

Our services in this field include:


This stage of design brings even more detail and specifications to the experience. Here, P&P Projects can provide individual element drawings, color call-outs, material call-outs and graphic designs. In addition, an operational plan will establish capacity numbers, visitor flow as well as team- and work requirements. P&P Projects is able to provide and support lighting design, audio & video design and the development of architectural developments such as facility design, HVAC and electrical design within all phases, ranging from Concept Design to Technical Design. P&P distinguishes itself by being able to coordinate all these possible other design parties, led by the project’s Design Coordinators.

Our services in this field include:


After the Creative Design has been finished with Detailed Design, P&P Projects’ engineering team will work closely with the creative team to develop technical designs for the experience. These are to be used by P&P Projects as a construction partner or by a diffferent partner after the clients’ tendering phase. P&P will either develop the creative design into a technical design showcasing the intended materials and details or detail the design into workshop drawings which adheres to the client’s desires. This phase also includes facility integration plans, audiovisual design and lighting design

Our services in this field include:

All these works and deliverables prepare a project for its transition into P&P Projects’ next specialty: