26 November 2019 – Laura Biermann

P&P PROJECTS announces new concept for the attractions market with AARDMAN

‘A FISH TALE’ IS Inspired by the cormorant fishermen of the Li River

Project: A Fish Tale
Client: Aardman

SOMEREN (NL): Award-winning turnkey design and production firm, P&P Projects, is proud to announce a new concept for the theme park market, in collaboration with Aardman. The multi award-winning animation studio and skilled storytellers are based in the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the cormorant fishermen of the Li River, ‘A Fish Tale’ captures a dramatic and hilarious coming-of-age adventure of a determined young fisher-boy, and his playful cormorant sidekick. As the two attempt to catch their first-ever fish together, their naivety and inexperience get in the way, leading to a potentially calamitous end. But with some persistence and pluckiness, the story resolves with the pair landing the catch of their dreams.

P&P Projects are the exclusive designers and producers for this new, heart-felt attraction creating a vibrant, physical world within a traditional and captivating narrative that is perfect for attractions, including dark rides or 4D-cinema experiences.

The turnkey solutions ensured by P&P Projects make them the perfect fit for Aardman’s most recent storyline for immersive experiences designed for location-based entertainment.

For more information, interviews or imagery please contact:
Ifat Caspi, P&P Projects Chief Commercial Officer: ifat@ppprojects.com or +31 (0)613 585 441

About P&P Projects

P&P Projects was founded by Philipp van Stratum in 1989. What started from Philipp’s passion for creating models and designs turned into an international design and production firm working with the world’s leaders within the leisure and entertainment industry. P&P Projects is a one-stop shop providing turnkey solutions—storytelling, design, show sets, animated figures, show-action equipment, and so much more—mastering design and engineering as well as production and installation. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients and their complex projects. P&P Projects has worked on and executed various prestigious projects such as the award-winning attraction Symbolica at Efteling and the complete turnkey, award-winning attraction Thor’s Hammer at Tusenfryd. P&P Projects is recognized all over the world for the way they artfully combine creativity, engineering, and quality to create immersive environments for audiences all over the world.

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