20 Juli 2016 – William Watts

P&P models a GameChanger!

Project mainly 3D printed and cut by CO2 laser

Project: GameChanger model
Client: Lagotronics Projects

Earlier this year, Lagotronics Projects introduced the their brand new ride concept ‘the GameChanger’: a rotating 3D gaming platform, which is the first of its kind in the theme park business! We are proud to have collaborated with our friends at Lagotronics in bringing this new concept to life by means of an animated model, that combines miniature sceneries with stunning 3D video games.

While sitting in their ride vehicle on a revolving platform, quite similar to a carousel, guests pass from scene to scene in an interactive shooter experience! The GameChanger provides an amazing experience with large capacity, while having a relatively small footprint, and has endless possibilities. The first edition of this innovative new kind of ride can now be experienced at Max Wonder Park in Shishi, Quanzhou (China).

The model has been created by the help of 3D printing machine and CO2 laser, both recently added to P&P’s instruments. For 3D printing, we have a polyet- and FDM printing machine in-house. 3D prints can be single props in show sets and are very helpful in creating unique scale models!

Read more about Lagotronics Projects and their GameChanger here: https://goo.gl/Y6cLcY